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“It’s up to the individual to activate, fire, and use all of the muscles in the body appropriately to create proper form and alignment in themselves.” — Joel Griffin

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Finding the right fit for a coach or a trainer is very important!
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Local Personal Training at Armbrust Pro Gym in Wheatridge, Colorado 

Joel Griffin, a steadfast figure at the Mile High Mecca, Armbrust Pro Gym, brings a decade and a half of dedication and expertise to every training session. Nestled in the heart of Colorado, Armbrust is not just a gym but a crucible where fitness aspirations transform into reality. It’s here that Joel, amid the world-famous leg room and an arsenal of free weights approved by champions, refines the art of personal training. Each session with Joel is a step towards a stronger, healthier, and better you, as he leverages the gym’s legacy—blending time-honored strength traditions with cutting-edge training techniques

Online Personal Training — Craft Your Ideal Training Program from Anywhere

Embrace the convenience and expertise of Joel Griffin’s online personal training, a program designed to bring the excellence of Titan Bodybuilding directly to you, wherever you are. Leveraging the cutting-edge Trainerize app, Joel offers a comprehensive online training experience that transcends geographical boundaries.

This isn’t just another online fitness program. It’s a bespoke journey tailored to your unique goals and lifestyle. With Joel’s guidance, you’ll receive personalized workout plans, nutritional guidance, and the motivational boost that only a seasoned trainer can provide. The program includes access to an exclusive library of instructional videos, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to execute each exercise with precision.

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Reviews, Transformations, and Success Stories

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Dwight HouserDwight Houser
02:32 10 Nov 23
Training with Joel is the best decision I’ve ever made for my health and wellness, both mentally and physically. It’s really hard to put into words how amazing he is at what he does, just a complete master of his craft. It’s like getting world class physical training and seeing a therapist at the same time some days too.I’m an average 37 year old guy with the simple goal of looking and feeling better for as long as I possibly can. Although Joel would be able to coach people through the biggest fitness contests on the planet, he also can tailor a program to suit your goals, while pushing you to be your best. I’ve been back and forth working out my whole life and thought I knew a thing or two about lifting, but Joel has taught me an insane amount in a short period of time… it’s really just incredible how smart he is and how comfortable he makes you feel in what could be considered a pretty intimidating situation.If you have ever considered getting personal training, don’t hesitate to try it out with Joel. I’m extremely confident that you won’t be disappointed.
Mike ToddMike Todd
16:13 07 Nov 23
I owe so much to Joel. This year has been transformative both physically and mentally and I can’t recommend Titan BB enough.
Danielle MartinezDanielle Martinez
19:35 24 Oct 23
Joel is absolutely amazing! I started training with him back in 2020, shortly after I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. And I’ve been an athlete my entire life so this diagnosis was a hard transition for me. Joel has taken so much time, effort, and patience with me that my disease has not only improved but I was able to compete in my first bodybuilding competition and am continuing to work towards another one with his help.There are people in the world that truly have a gift with what they do in life and Joel is one of them. He is intelligent, dedicated, attentive, and extremely positive. To find someone that has a wonderful gift like this is very rare. And I’m eternally grateful to have him not only as my coach but a close friend as well.

Client Success Stories

Titan Bodybuilding’s Training Philosophy and Services

Titan Bodybuilding's 8th Rule of Thumb Primary Logo in the brand's sunrise gradient.

The 8th Rule of Thumb

The ‘8th Rule of Thumb’ is Joel Griffin’s signature framework, a unique blend of eight core principles that form the backbone of Titan Bodybuilding’s training regimen. This methodical approach covers everything from nutrition to mental wellness, ensuring a comprehensive transformation. Each rule is a step towards mastering your body’s potential, guiding you to a fitness level you’ve only dreamed of.

Training Philosophy: Integrating Posture, Strength, and Mindset

Joel Griffin’s training philosophy is a triad of posture, strength, and mindset. It’s a holistic approach that shapes not just your body, but your entire way of being. In Joel’s world, fitness is more than physical; it’s a mental and emotional journey towards a balanced and powerful self. His methods ensure that you’re not only strong on the outside but resilient and focused on the inside.