About Titan Bodybuilding and Joel Griffin

A Lifetime of Athleticism

Discover the roots of Titan Bodybuilding in the rich athletic journey of Joel Griffin. Established in June 2010 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, near the renowned Armbrust Pro Gym, Titan emerged from Joel’s lifelong passion for sports and fitness. From track and field to Gracie jiu-jitsu, Joel’s diverse background is the foundation of his comprehensive approach to personal training. With extensive experience in physical therapy and a keen understanding of postural alignment, Joel’s expertise is a blend of science and practical application.

Griff, the Gryphon, in a stunning gradient.
Joel Griffin, lead trainer with Titan Bodybuilding, performing some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT Training) during the golden hour.

Movement Inspired by Life

At Titan Bodybuilding, training is an art form that transcends the gym. “Movement Inspired by Life” encapsulates Joel’s philosophy – a belief that fitness is not just about the time spent lifting weights but how we carry ourselves in every moment. It’s about enhancing life’s experiences through improved strength, posture, and health. Joel’s unique approach, influenced by his study of Sridaiva and Bowspring methods, fosters a deep mind-body connection, ensuring that training with him is not just about changing how you look, but how you feel and move in every aspect of life.

More Than Just a Trainer and Coach

Joel Griffin is not just a trainer; he’s a catalyst for transformation. Whether it’s professional athletes or individuals embarking on their fitness journey, Joel’s dedication to his clients is unwavering. His training is inclusive, welcoming everyone regardless of their starting point.  (Check out this article in the Denver Post that Joel was featured in.) Joel’s ability to adapt and personalize training, combined with his genuine care for each client, makes Titan Bodybuilding a place where anyone can succeed in achieving their fitness goals.

Joel Griffin, lead trainer with Titan Bodybuilding, in a Donkey Kong onesie with one of his long-term jack-o-lantern clad Lifestyle clients.