Training Experties

At Titan Bodybuilding, INC. we believe that training methods are specifically set to individuals needs because no two people are alike. We set up each training program, nutrition plan, and contest prep to match each person’s individual needs. Training can range from the most basic introductory level to the most advanced level.

Gym, weight, & equipment introduction/explanation for all skill & athletic levels
Weight training: free weight, cable & machine resistance training
Cardio based aerobics & plyometric training
Nutrition, & supplementation
Tracking progression through body stats

Lean Mass Building
Metabolism increase
Fat loss
Body sculpting
Overall health increase

Out of the gym, day to day lifestyle
Swagger coach
Relationship coaching
Proper nutrition incorporation into daily schedule
Daily scheduling & time management

Starting block performance
Speed & over speed training camps
Running form & technique
Endurance & conditioning training
Shot put and discus throwing

Agility training
40 yard sprint time drop
Vertical jump increase
Wide Receiver & Defensive Back Position assignment, responsibility & technique
Strength & conditioning

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