Ok, so you have trained and dieted for months for a show; purchased the perfect suit, paid for a professionally applied tan, paid for someone to do your hair and make-up, the whole nine-yards. You’ve invited family, friends, and possibly co-workers to your show, and they are all so thrilled to be there and support you. You’ve devoted time, money and your heart into the 2 to 3 minutes that you will be standing on stage, judged by a panel of strangers who don’t know YOU from Adam.

So, there you are, standing before the ‘All Mighty Panel’ and…. freeze! The “deer in headlights“ syndrome kicks in and you don’t hit your poses the way you should. Remember, you only have a very short time on stage to stand out, and you have now missed your chance to impress the judges and show off all that you have put into the past few months.

We, as competitors, slave away in the gym day after day after day. At times we have to push things aside in our lives to make sure we get to the gym. We have missed friends’ and families’ birthdays, holidays, or special events because we are “dieting” for a show and just can’t make it. We, ourselves, are guilty of pushing events off just so that we have enough time to train and get all our cardio sessions in and complete.


So, let us ask you, is spending so much time at the gym sculpting your bodies, dieting for months, spending extra money on diet food, a coach, supplements, suits and the rest of it all worth it? Of course it is!! Why then, would so many competitors throw it all away, once they step on stage?


Don’t be fooled, mistaken or sold short, PRESENTATION is everything. It never ceases to amaze us how competitors spend so much time and money on dieting, coaches, suits, tan, makeup, posing routines, and the thousands of other small details that go into preparing for a show, but neglect practicing their stage presence and posing.

We have had countless competitors come to us a week, or just days, before their first show and ask for help with their posing. Thinking it is possible or reachable to have the Stage Presents, Grace, Class, and Elegance of a competitor with years of experience. Think of it this way, it would be considered crazy to sit in a professional race car with no preparation, or jump into a dance performance and not know the routine. Why on earth would anyone step on stage with little to NO background knowledge on how to pose properly? Sadly, it happens SO often when it really doesn’t have to. Have respect for not only yourself, but also the sport in which you have chosen.

You diet and train every day, so you should be practicing your posing very day. It may sound like a tedious process, but we are not lifting weights on stage, we are not doing cardio on stage. The judges don’t see that we train every day, or reached a new max on certain lifts or do cardio for two hours a day. All the training doesn’t matter; everyone can train hard and can diet. What sets you apart from other competitors is your confidence and stage presents. You need to exude confidence, not cockiness, and present your body in the best way possible. POSING is all about accentuating your strong points and hiding your weaknesses.

What we do with all our Team competitors is take pictures of your posing, weekly. During our posing sessions we videotape your posing. It’s impossible to really see yourself and your posing for what it really looks like when you are looking in the mirror. Videos and pictures are very telling and will assist us in gauging and tweaking your posing, so just the best sides and parts of your physiques are amplified and seen by the Judges.

What most don’t realize, until it’s too late, is that they have stage fright. Just think about it, you are in a small bathing suit, on stage in front of tons of people you don’t know, people you do know, and sometimes can’t even see because the lights on stage are so bright. It’s a sea of onlookers all critically and observing your every quarter turn and every move you make.

We hold these classes to help assist in overcoming your fears ad get you out of your comfort zone. People will walk by and may stop to stare then move on. The point of any of this is to get you used to being out in the open and exposed to others checking you out. If you can block these people out and not be bothered, you will have a better comfort level as you head out to the stage.


Having us assist in tweaking your posing is extremely helpful and beneficial to you as a competitor. If you do get a touch of stage fright you will be able to regroup in just a few seconds. We will have practiced so often that the posing will have become second nature and ALL you need to worry about is your smile and listening to your number being called. That is the goal!


How you present yourself on stage to the judges is where all the hard work you have put in during all these weeks of prep comes together. Don’t get caught like a deer in headlights, practice, and master your craft!

We can’t wait to get started and hope you are as happy and excited as we are. With in a few weeks your comfort zone will grow and this will become a looked forward to session.

We will let you know the dates and time. We will also try to keep them as consistent as possible. Meaning the same day and time for each session. We will be doing the posing as a Team…so all Team members will be joining and participating. Even though several of you will be in different divisions, this is OK. Practicing standing and smiling in your poses is just as important as learning them.

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