Show preparation

Women’s Physique
Men’s Physque

Length of Prep is 12 weeks prior from start date of selected show
Contest nutrition/diet plan
Nutrition adjustments made as needed up to and through the day of the contest
Supplementation guidance and suggestions
Based on individual competitor needs and wants
Bodystat monitoring and recording
Body fat percentage & inch measurements as need
Posing Preparation
Posing classes
Stage Preparation
Described in detail below
Posing Routine
Male and female bodybuilders, women’s physique
Water Depletion
Water reloading & post show consumption

Suit maker, fitting, style & size, morning and night suit, color and so on
Hair style and color, etc.
Makeup – we work with several different makeup artists to get just the right look for our clients
Nails – length and color
Waxing & hair removal
Skin conditioning
Pro Tan
Color, number of applications
Appointments and scheduling

Titan Bodybuilding, INC., Joel Griffin has the right to discontinue prep at any point for any reason
During the prep, an analysis of the competitors progress will be made 5 weeks out from the selected show:
If the analysis shows that the competitor is not on schedule & the best physique will not be brought to the stage, the prep will be discontinued and another show will be selected for the competitor to compete in.
This analysis is done to help each individual represent not only Titan Bodybuilding, INC, but even more so themselves to the best of their ability during a contest.
If prep is discontinued the money paid for the contest prep will not be refunded. The next chosen show’s prep fee will be waived and the money will go towards that prep.
Competitors will have one year from the start of the prep, (first payment/scheduled date) to compete and complete the prep.
If a contest is not competed in within the year, then additional fees may be required

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