Training Philosophy

We believe that something worth having never comes easy. If you want something, set your mind to it, and get after it. Give it all you have and good things will come. The power of Positive Thinking is amazing! If you have a mental, emotional, or physical obstacle, we can train around it, train for it, train with it, and overcome just about anything!

We put a big emphasis on what we call the “SIXTH RULE OF THUMB”. There are six aspects of your life and individual program that you can directly control. The sixth aspect directly controls the first five aspects. The first five aspects are: weight training, cardio, water, nutrition, and sleep. The sixth aspect is the mental, emotional, and stress levels that directly impact the first five listed aspects. There are two in which you cannot control, genetics and your past history. So don’t feed those two any energy and don’t put a big emphasis on them. Focus on what you have control over…The Sixth Rule of Thumb!!!

“Step forth or Step off -If you’re not bleeding, you’re not succeeding -One more rep -Bigger than yesterday, smaller than tomorrow -Realize your potential, then kick the crap out of it -Pain is an Illusion -If it’s too heavy, you’re too soft -Weights before dates -Champions train, losers complain -Winners never quit, quitters never win -Find a way, or make one -Fear earns you nothing. REACH YOUR GOALS & CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE POSITIVE!”

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