list of rules that I follow as guidelines for off season nutrition…

I have a list of rules that I follow as guidelines for off season nutrition. It helps me to stay lean year round. I have 13 rules… partly because that is my favorite number… and it just worked out that way. I will list them one rule at a time so you can follow them and incorporate them into your daily life style. If you are a competitor some of these rules are basic knowledge… but when it comes to nutrition you can never hear it or practice it enough.

RULE # 1 – Stay away from bad fats, excessive salt and simple sugars. This eliminates 99% of the fast foods, munchies and soft drinks. Who needs them? In a few short weeks, you won’t want them, wonder why you ate them and feel sick if you do! Remember there are good fats, and you should keep some of them in your nutrition plan. Healthy fats include, but not limited to: Avocados, olive oil, almond butter, almonds. Ladies…. do not eat an entire jar of almond butter in one or two sittings… that is ridiculous…have some self control…I know it’s heaven in your mouth…just think of all the extra cardio you will have to do to lose that butt… Eat clean!!

Rule # 2 coming soon…

Posted on September 24, 2014 in Health

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