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Joel Griffin

I am a retired Professional USA Track & Field Athlete. I ran track for Colorado State University for several years before I transferred over to the USA Pre Olympic team. I have trained with some of the top athletes in the world in the Track and Field industry. After retiring from Track and Field, I transitioned into the bodybuilding, figure, physique, and general athletic world of personal training. I have trained clients ranging from professional and elite athletes, clients who have never lifted a weight or stepped foot in a gym in their life, and anyone and everyone in between.

I am truly a people person who gets a long with all types of people and love building new friendships. It is one of my strongest passions to help people transform their body and mind into a work of art that they are truly proud of.


I am a driver, a motivator, a support system, and a friend to rely on.


Joel comes from an athletic background including track & field, football, snowboarding, motocross, basketball, bmx, skateboarding, and many others. Joel is currently a competitive bodybuilder and continues to progress in the latest training philosophies, methods, and types! Working with a wide range of clients from professional athletes, bodybuilding/fitness/figure/physique/bikini, obese and overweight, disabled, young, old, and everything in between, allows Joel to gain additional information and education to complete a wealth of knowledge to better help all of his clients.

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